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2nd Opinion on Homeowners Claims
  • Not sure if you have a claim?

  • Not sure if your claim was paid fairly?

  • Not sure why your claim was denied?

  • Not sure where to begin???


Robert Malcolm - Public Adjuster

Serving Pensacola, Navarre, Crestview,

Fort Walton, Destin, Miramar Beach, 30-A, Panama City

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Types of damages covered

Not sure if your damages are covered?  Here's a quick overview of what is and what is not covered by your Homeowners Insurance, but not a complete list.

(Generally speaking, a sudden event causing a loss is covered, while damage occurring over a long period of time is not covered.)

HURRICANE/ windstorm
Trees or Limbs falling
Pipe Burst / Water damage
FIRE / Smoke
 & Vandalism
Mold from damage event

Wear and Tear
Slow leak

Mold from Humidity

What is a public adjuster?

Unless you have been underpaid or denied an insurance claim, you may have never heard of a Public Adjuster.  Simply put, a Public Adjuster represents the public at large, so any policy holder can retain the services of a Public Adjuster to represent the policyholder's interest in a property insurance claim. (Public Adjusters cannot represent injury claims)

Whereas the other types of adjusters work on behalf of the insurance company to adhere to the policies set forth by the insurance company and the state laws.

Here are more details of the 3 types of Adjusters in Insurance claims:

1)  Company Adjuster:  They work for the insurance company directly.  This is usually your 'Desk Adjuster'. They are called that because they work at a desk for the Insurance underwriting company.  It is up to them to work out the details of your claim and your payment.  Rarely do desk adjusters ever to go the site of the damage.  Some insurance companies have Company Adjusters who handle their claims on site and communicate with the Desk Adjuster, or complete the claim themselves.

2) Independent Adjuster: They work independently or for an independent adjuster firm, and usually for multiple carriers.  These are the adjusters who come to your home or business and perform the inspection and submit their estimate and findings to the 'Desk Adjuster' (Company adjuster).  The name 'independent adjuster' is a little misleading, because they work for and are compensated by the insurance company.  What makes them independent is that they can make their own schedule and are compensated as a 1099 sub contractor of the company they work for or the insurance carrier, but do not work for one specific insurance carrier as an employee.

3) Public Adjuster: A Public Adjuster is an adjuster licensed to represent the policyholder and dispute underpayments and/or wrongful denials for policy holders.  Public Adjusters are compensated by the Policyholder and NOT the insurance company, usually based on a percentage of the additional monies produced by the Public Adjuster.   No additional funds recovered = no fee.  That's why Public Adjusters will provide free inspections and evaluations.  Not every claim has left money on the table, and not all damage is covered.  That's why a free, no obligation 2nd opinion is not only a smart choice, it's a ZERO Risk choice.

That is why so many policyholders turn to Public Adjusters for a 2nd Opinion of their claim.  Once the Insurance company has had their people make an assessment, it's helpful, and can be lucrative to retain your own expert to see what, if anything was missed or over looked.

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